Tapani Hyypiä is a Finnish artist, who lives and works in Helsinki.

He has been active in the Finnish art field for over twenty years, with a dedicated painting practice. His artworks are heavily process based, with a focus on abstraction and a strong emphasis on the craft of painting. His paintings pursue the ephemeral meditative qualities of light and colour.

His methods of working include a special focus on the nuances of colour and purposeful repetition in the form of self imposed restrictions, where a recognizable form emerges again and again mutating from painting to painting. Hyypiä builds up each painting in a slow meticulous method of using several thin translucent layers in a delicate play between clarity and opacity, creating a deep and intense feeling of vibrancy.

He has exhibited his works extensively in Finland, and internationally with exhibitions in Estonia, Latvia and Germany. Recent solo exhibitions include; Paintings, Galleria Nuovo, Lahti, Finland (2019), Paintings & Drawings, Galleria Ama, Helsinki, Finland (2018) and recent group exhibitions include Summer Exhibition, Galleria Ama (2020), and The Collectors Gaze, Pori Art Museum, Finland (2019). He has also taken part in different artist residency programmes such as the Heinrich Böll Cottage on Achill Island, Ireland and at the WerkStadt in Berlin.



2021  Utuisaa / Haze, Custom House Studios & Gallery, Westport, Ireland (Upcoming July 29 – August 22)

2019  Galleria Nuovo, Lahti, Finland

2018  Paintings & Drawings, Galleria AMA, Helsinki, Finland

2012  Galleria AMA, Helsinki, Finland

2009  Galleria Just, Turku, Finland

2007  Galleria Aarni, Espoo, Finland

2002  Galleria Uusitalo, Helsinki, Finland


2020  Summer Exhibition, Galleria AMA, Helsinki, Finland

2019  With the eyes of my mind, The Collectors Gaze, Pori Art Museum, Pori Finland

2018  ooo collective, Lapinlahti Galleria, Helsinki, Finland

•  Rasi637, Kouta Gallery, Kouvola Art Museum, Finland

2017  Reflecting Rothko, Rietumu Bank Art Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2016  ooo collective, Mältinranta Gallery, Tampere, Finland


ooo collective, Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari, Helsinki

2015  Landscape Metropolis, Gallery G11 at Former power station Rathenau Hallen, Berlin

•  Reunion, Poriginal Gallery, Pori, Finland

2014  Reunion, Porvoo Art Hall, Finland

2011  Post-session, Jetty Barracks Gallery, Helsinki

2009  SKjL 09: Finnish Art, Kouvola Art Museum

•  Never retire, Vantaa Art Museum, Finland

•  Painters ‘Union’s 80th anniversary exhibition, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki

2008  summer light, Gallery Leo, Helsinki

•  Luonnollisisa things, Art Brewery, Lahti, Finland

2007  The Quartet, Helsinki Artists’ Association, 40th anniversary, Vuotalo, Helsinki

•  Deep Purple in 2007, SKjL’s anniversary exhibition, Lapinlahti Art Museum,

2006  Echo,  Ahjo Art Centre, Joensuu, Finland

2005  SKjL 05: Finnish Art, Porvoo Art Factory

2004  New works of the Uusimaa arts organizations in collaboration with Porvoo Art Factory

•  Mode, Jetty Barracks Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2003  Bits And Pieces, Poriginal Gallery, Pori

•  Power! Province of Uusimaa regional exhibition, Porvoo Art Factory 

2000  Bullseye, Free Art School Graduation exhibition, Helsinki

•  Gallery 3 h + k, Pori

2002  Near the surface, Brinkkalan Gallery, Turku Cultural Center

1999  Gallery Johan S. Porvoo

•  A Dozen Painters, Cultural Centre Stoa, Helsinki, Finland


1996-2000  Fine Art Painting, Vapaa Taidekoulu (Free Art School), Helsinki, Finland

1984-85  English, Drama, Aesthetics & Drawing studies, University of Helsinki, FI

1974-75  Fine Art, Vapaa Taidekoulu (Free Art School) Helsinki, FI


2021  Finnish Cultural Foundation (Travel Grant)

2020  Taike (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland)

2018  Taike (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland), Exhibition Grant (ooo collective)

2016  Taike (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland), (Travel Grant)

2011  Taike (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland), Exhibition Grant

2005  Taike (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland), Exhibition Grant

2004  Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Working group grant

2002  Taike (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland), Regional Arts Council of Uusimaa, Working grant


2021  Áras Éanna Arts Centre, Inis Oirr Island, Co. Galway, Ireland (August 2021)

•  Tuulensuu Ateljeetalo, Viitasaari, Finland

2020  Aspan Ateljee, (SKJL) Lohja, Finland

2019  Heinrich Böll Cottage, Achill Island, Ireland

2017  BetOnest, Artist in Residence, Stople/Oder, Brandenburg, DE

2016-17  WerkStadt, Berlin, Germany

2016  RASi637, Artist in Residence, Tirva, FI



2006  Public Wall Mural “cave paintings”, University of Helsinki (Kaisaniemi) metro station



Pori Art Museum Deponointikokoelma / AJ

Finnish State Art Deposit Collection

Amos Anderson Art Museum

Finnish Art Society

Nurmijärvi Municipality

HUS (Helsinki University Hospital)


Finnish Painters’ Union

Helsinki Artists’ Association